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The Seasons Change But Not Without Side Effects

Are you happy to see the last of the winter? If you’re like most people, the season that is both Passover and Easter makes a welcome mark in the way the year rolls on. Somehow, the change between winter and spring is so much more delineated than any other seasonal change.

Summer eases into fall, which marks the advent of winter without us really noticing. But spring with its underlying newness and regrowth is somehow a different kind of step.

Allergies can spoil a lovely day

But there is a downside for us allergy sufferers. The change in season marks a change in which our poor beleaguered systems need some sinus support. The cold of winter prevents an onslaught on our immune systems, but the result of pollen brings on the attack full-force.

One of the curious things about allergies is that over time they change. Today there is something you are allergic to was not a problem. But equally, something that yesterday would render you a snotty mess just doesn’t have the same power.

Different folks, different triggers

Sadly, it is usually a replacement – something else takes the place of your worst allergy and becomes the key thing you need to deal with. Even though since you can remember it was tree pollen or macadamia nuts which were your bête-noir.

The trick is to acknowledge things change. Remember there was a time when you drank sweet white wine. Now you would politely decline. Allergies are like that they come and go. It is a bit like riding a roller coaster.

Be safe – be sure

sinus support

This is not to suggest that you stop carrying an epi-pen. That’s a whole different ball game from the person who sneezes 8-to-14 times in succession. But is doesn’t mean it is any less frustrating in the end.