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Reasons to choose Dental Implants over Dentures

Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures. The technology has been around for about 50 years but has become popular only within the past few years. It is a great missing tooth solution that can replace one tooth or the entire mouth. And, implants do that job so much better than dentures. Read below to learn the top reasons to choose implant supported dentures vero beach fl over traditional dentures and call the dentist to get your teeth back!

1- Look Like Real Teeth

Dental implants are attached to the root using a titanium screw that attaches to the jaw. They grow into the mouth and look and feel like the real teeth. With proper care, they’ll last 25+ years, which dentures couldn’t possibly do. Dentures come out of the mouth and can be spotted as fakes a mile away!

2- They last longer

Dentures need to be replaced every few years. Most people need dentures replacement about every eight years. Dentures break easily, and a fragile, dental implant, on the other hand, attached to your jaw using a screw. They look like your real teeth and feel like your real teeth, and I last longer since they are attached to the job.

3- Increase Your Confidence

implant supported dentures vero beach fl

Dental implants increase your confidence because you aren’t worried that people will notice them or that your teeth will fall out of your mouth. If you want to improve confidence, it’s easy to do with implants.

4- A Great Dentures Alternative

Dental implants serve as a great alternative to dentures for anyone who is missing teeth. At one time, dentures were the only option for those who were missing teeth, but now dental implants are here and people couldn’t be happier with the news.