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Is it a Cold or a Sinus Infection?

After a few sinus infections, determining that it’s the culprit of trouble becomes much easier for most sufferers. However, it can be a challenge until this point. Many differences between a common cold and a sinus infection exist, however, so if you know the differences, making the right diagnosis should be easier. It’s also a good idea to get to the healthcare clinic Dallas if you suspect that you have a sinus infection, since it’s unlikely to clear on its own.

Understanding the Common Cold

Colds last for 10 days or less in most patients. Expect to grab the tissues often if you have a cold. Signs of a cold include:

·    Headache

·    Sore throat

·    Stuffy nose

·    Sneezing

·    Water eyes

·    Itchy eyes

·    Mucus build-up

·    Fatigue

This is a few of the common cold symptoms. Some people experience all symptoms quite severely while others experience one or two minor symptoms. Over-the-counter medications may ease some of the symptoms of a cold but since it’s not a virus, antibiotics won’t help.

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Understanding the Sinus Infection

When the nasal passages become infected, you suffer a sinus infection. It is much more difficult to get rid of than a cold. Allergies may lead to a sinus infection, but usually colds do not. Signs of a sinus infection include:

·    Bad breath

·    Cough

·    Fever

·    Pressure behind the eyes

·    Pressure in the cheeks area

·    Stuffy nose, runny nose that lasts 7 days or more

·    Severe headaches

·    Thick yellow or green mucus running from the nasal passage or into the back of your throat

You should visit the doctor as soon as possible if you suspect a sinus infection. Many symptoms go away on their own, but some may require antibiotics to treat.  At home sinus irrigation is also helpful according to most doctors.